The hair


A 'Art Project' by "Mehran Tizkar"

In collaboration with “Raha Rastifard”


Art project “The hair” consists of two parts:




The danger of mass destruction caused by the use of nuclear energy and weapons and its effects can not be excluded yet. The art project “the hair” recalls to human memory the possibility of a repetition of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and also Tschernobyl. The project tells the story of humanity within the present period of time, when this story has been forgotten, neglected, and the memory of it erased. We are now looking for this lost period of time.
The main motive in „the hair” is the search for the lost time which the memory of the people tries to find again. But the lost time doesn’t exist anymore because the memory was lost too. The notion of time is actually a product of memory, and memory is the only proof for the continuity of existence.
In the moment, in which the memory is destroyed for any reason, but time continues to pass by, it carries the load of an existence without memory; this, one can say, is the state of nothingness. The memory, which then exist after the state of nothingness, can also be regarded as “nothing”. First, the memory must try to create a new existence in order to be able to define a new time. „The hair” realizes the re-memory of a lost time by retaining the hair. The hair can be regarded therefore as a myth, which metaphorically mediates immortality.


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